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Hey Jesse here again

I am learning an awful lot with Dean Holland’s group.  He has started a new and easier training. He calls it the Affiliate System, and then the course is called the Beginners Advantage. We are getting ready to learn how to do free and paid traffic.  This subject is very exciting, and later on down rhe road this training will lead to making money. That is what we are all interested in doing.  

His teaching style is easy to follow, and he doesn’t use big words. You will also like his style of training.

Be sure to leave a comment and share your experiences about affiliate marketing. I’d love to know.


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  1. Hi Jesse,

    Traffic is indeed the fun part of the business. There are many different ways to drive traffic.

    Have you decided which method you are going to focus on? Are you going to focus on free traffic or paid traffic, or a combination of both?

    1. Hi Alan: I agree that traffic is the fun part of the business. I am going to start with free traffic and later on add paid traffic, because the lowest price for paid traffic is $5.00 per day. Once I start paid traffic I want to continue with it as well as free traffic.

    1. Hi Sandy: Thank you Sandy for your comment. I like to get right to the point, however there will be more to discuss later on. I am sure you will find the info very interesting and informative.

    1. Hi Tony:Week 0ne: of the Affiliate System training was introduction to Affiliate System.Week Two: Is deploy owned asset. Move at your own pace., but deon’t stop moving, and you’ll get it done. Share content.Week Three: Capture- Don’t chase money. Let money chase you. Take smaller steps on a weekly basis. Week Four: Fan Focused follow-up. Be the best version of yourself. Always try your very best. Build a Fan Focused email list. Week Five: Fan focused follow-up part 2 and into part three. Email sender reputation and warm up. Building your fan-focused email list. Week Six: Deep Dive Session- Ideals: Why am I doing this? What I want to achieve? Things I’ve done so far. Be your

  2. Hey Jesse,

    I already have some paid traffic going with Facebook Lead Ads. For me $5 per day is all I have for a budget – so that is the best way for me.

    Of course, the blogging I will do as my organic traffic method. And I use a number of the social platforms to shout out to the world when I have a new blog post to view. Also, my new newsletter will have the same effect – but readers of my newsletter will be in the advantageous position to see any special offers I have – in advance of telling the public.
    Robert Klein recently posted…The ProcessMy Profile

    1. Hi Robert: It looks like you have your program under control. I like your system. I am working on mine now, and will keep you posted as to the route I take. Thank you for the info.

    1. Hi Andy: Thank you for your comment about Dean. Dean has proven himself in many areas. I am happy I found him before I blew up even more money. He is truly a God send to me and many others.

  3. Jesse, yes, traffic is where it gets really interesting. There’s so many different ways of doing it and working out which way you think is best and trying it out is the tricky part. The key to it is sticking with one method and becoming an expert in it, however, long that takes. Keep us posted and let us know what route you take. Look forward to seeing that. Thanks, Atif

  4. Jesse,
    I really appreciated how concise and direct your post was! Traffic is such a crucial aspect of our business, and the dilemma of whether to go for paid or free traffic is real. Personally, I’m leaning towards free traffic at this point. Since I’m still navigating the ropes of affiliate marketing, it’s a learning process for me. I’m excited to be part of your journey and eagerly look forward to witnessing your success!
    Sherri S Pulcino recently posted…Online Affiliate Business and First Win!My Profile

    1. Hi Sherri: I appreciate your comment on traffic. Traffic is so important to this business. I also plan to use free traffic to start on this journey, and try to add paid traffic down the road a little. I am aware that the lowst price paid traffic is going to cost at least $5.00 per day.

  5. Jesse,

    It appears you are getting a lot of value out of the training you are receiving. A mentor with a down to earth training style is very helpful. It is also great if they can brake it down into small bit size pieces.

    One of the downfalls of a lot of mentors is they assume you have a certain level of knowledge. When this happens it causes a lot of confusion and makes it difficult to fill in the missing pieces.

    I am excite with you on your progress. Enjoy learning about traffic and monetization.

    1. Hi CJ: Yes I am enjoying the training I am getting from my mentor. It appears that my mentor breakes everything down in simple terms. He likes to keep things simple. I really like this about him. I can continue to study and learn under him. I will continue to learn all about traffic and monetiization becaue that leads us to the money. My mentor has been through a lot of failures himself, and he knows what it’s like going up the hill.

  6. HI Jesse,
    Deans training is great and he is able to explain things making the process much simpler!
    Traffic’s important! I tried paid traffic for a while but decided I wanted to learn and master unpaid traffic first.
    Maybe I’ll try paid traffic in the future sometime again 🙂
    Until your next post!

    1. Hi Denny: Yes I agree Dean’s training is really great. He takes his time and explains everything very simple. I like that about Dean. I am going to stick with free traffic until I start making moey, then I will add paid traffic at $5.00 per day. I want to master free traffic until the money starts to roll in. I figure if I do it this way, I’ll be safe. Stay in touch, and let me know how you are progressing. Thanks: Jesse

    1. Hi Kate: I have learned to appreciate Dean Holland very much. After working with other mentors in other businesses, I’ve found Dean to be simple, clear, and he really care about his students learning and progressing in the online business world. I like his approach, because it’s not just about the money. He says do the process and the money will come. In other words don’t chase money, let money chase you.

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