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Up to now we as a community have been blog hopping to share and get internet traffic to build up engagement on our Owned Asset.  ( The owned asset is the blog).  With each member of the community actively and consistently continuing to document on our blogs with our content. Then we continually engage with internal trafic. What is traffic? Traffic is people. Targeted traffic is the ideal people for your topic. When it comes to traffic, it’s important to know that you don’t “create  it”, traffic already exists. People are already on the internet either on their computer, tablet, or mostly on their mobile phone. There are also platforms that others have built where people tend to congregate together. P- stands for primary platform for traffic, and S stands for secondary platform for traffic. Please come back to my blog and get the latest news on trafffic, because after traffic comes the money. That is what we are all working for. Thank you: Jesse L. Nash

16 thoughts on “Introduction To Traffic”

  1. Hi Jesse, traffic is such a huge component of affiliate marketing. With the new email changes, I think the way we address and get traffic is changing, and more people are turning to organic traffic methods, like blogs and blog hopping, as you discussed. I know building a list will be a long road, as you can’t just run solo ads and Facebook ads and get people on your list and constantly email them; DMing people and posting on social and blogs are truly the slow path. but a great way to find your superfans! Look forward to learning more about how to generate traffic in the new landscape of online marketing.

    1. Hi Alison: Glad to hear from you. I realize that building a list is a long road, but I have made up my mind to stay on this road as long as it takes me to build my list. I know it is a sure way to build my fans out of total ssrangers. Please stay with me as we move down the road together.

  2. Absolutely, that’s spot on. Building a business hinges on connecting with people. The challenge lies in figuring out how to reach them and, more importantly, how to earn their trust. It’s undoubtedly a complex task, but a crucial one.

    1. Hi Sasha: I am glad you agree with me in connecting with people. We must continue to figure out how to get their attention and achieve their trust. It involes doing a lot of good thinking.

    1. Hi James: I am not putting the cart before the horse. You will not get to the money if you don’t have your traffic together. My statement is very important for people to understand up front. The other things are also very important. It’s okay to set goals, but it is very important to continue with your daily progress in order to reach your goals. Thank you and stay in touch.

    1. Hi Atif: Thank you for your comment. I agree with you that traffic is an important part of Affiliate Marketing, but I hope people don’t think it’s the only thing that matters, because I agree that is not true. However I want them to not forget that it is a very important one in moving forward. I will let you know my progress going forwards.

    1. Hi Tony: Yes I agree with you in knowing how to grab the attention of someone. This is very necessary to get them looking at what is being offered to them. Please stay with me as we build this business.

  3. I belong to another group called AGM- which means, attention grabbing media. I took to heart what was taught there about being visible all across the internet. However, what I am learning with Dean Holland puts all the pieces together!!

    1. Hi Kate: I see you joined another group called AGM. However I am glad you realized that Dean Holland makes things simple to follow. His system will keep you on track. I really appreciate Dean Holland, and you will also.

  4. Jesse,
    Ah, the ever-important world of traffic – a key player in the game of affiliate marketing. As you mentioned, the trick is realizing that the traffic is already out there; it’s all about capturing it. Can’t wait to dive into your next post!

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