My First Training with Dean Holland

Hey: Jesse here again.

Since I have started with Dean Holland’s group. I have found that he tries to save you money in teaching you how to become an affiliate marketer.

My first lesson was entitled The Quick Start Challenge which only cost me $48.00. It teaches you in 7 days how to get your affiliate marketing business up and running.

This training includes setting up your mailing list and your funnel and how to get traffic to your offers.

Be sure to leave a comment and share your experiences in learning about affiliate marketing. I’d love to know.


14 thoughts on “My First Training with Dean Holland”

    1. Hi Alan: The first day was about laying the foundation for success. The second day was about deploying your list building engine. The third day was about automated sales system, and the fourth day was about multiple streams of income. It has been a good experience for me.

  1. Jesse, how did you get on with a Quickstart challenge? I also started with that after the iceberg effect book. I found it very useful and it gave me a really good idea of what I need to do. I think the journey to affiliate marketing is stepping stones and learning bit by bit. it’s that journey where you’re adding layers and knowledge along the way, is where you then finally able to run and earn money towards financial freedom. Thank you very much, Atif

    1. Hi Atif: I got along fine with the quick start challenge. I fell in love with his teaching style, and it gave me a good idea of affiliate marketing. I feel that his teaching is going to get me to my goal of financial independence.
      It sounds like you are on a similar journey as mine. I wish you the best. Please keep me posted on your success.

  2. Hi Jesse,
    How long ago did you begin your journey with affiliate marketing? Have you had experience prior to joining Dean Holland’s group? I’m interested in knowing how you are getting along with it..

    1. Hi Sharel: I was interested in affiliate marketing prior to Dean Holland, but I didn’t get started until I found Dean. I think it was March of 2023 that I started with Dean Holland. Dean has made some improvements since I got started, and it has made the program easier and better.

  3. Hi Jesse,
    I am so happy for you that you learned a lot about affiliate marketing from Dean’s program.
    I jumped into his training over a year ago, and now I see the difference. I haven’t tried all of the “gurus” out there, but Dean Holland must be at the top of all of them for what the provides.
    I also want to congratulate you on your efforts. Many people buy courses and never actually work on them. Well done on taking action and applying what you learned! Tom

    1. Hi Tom: Yes I am happy that I joined Dean Holland’s program. Dean keeps things very simple, and I like that because I’m not a real techy person. I appreciate your congrats on my efforts. I usually finish what I start epecially if it costs me money. Continue your good work, and keep me posted on your progress. Thank you, Jesse

    1. Hi Denny: I was able to get through the quick start challenge with the help of my assistent. She is very good with techy stuff, and I am not. I am glad I was able to get through that part because I like the affiliate system better. Dean has made it easier and simpler. I really like the new approach Dean has taken. What I liked best about it was learning the different aspects of affiliate marketing as a whole.

  4. Jesse,

    I also got start with Dean’s book The Iceberg Effect and the Quick Start Challenge before investing in his coaching program. Each step of the process has been well worth the investment.

    I know you got a lot of value from those trainings. Just getting your blog up and making posts to it, is a lot of work and learning.

    Keep Moving Forward and you’ll reach your goals.

    1. Hi CJ: Yes the quick start challenge was very exciting and interesting. I learned a lot, but I had some tech challenges which my assistent helped me through. I would not have made it by myself. She did a great job. I thank God for her help and assistence. I am on my way to reach my goals. Please stay in touch. Thank You: Jesse

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