My Story

Hello: My name is Jesse Nash. This is my blog.

After graduatiing from high school, I got drafted in the U.S. Army. After my draft I attended RETS Electronic Television School in Upper Darby, PA. After graduating from there they got me a job repairing and installing alarms. That was not the job they promised me, and I did not want to be on call 24 hrs per day. Because of that I did not accept that job. That was a failure for me.

While in the US Army for a short stay, I was promoted to Buck Seargant in 10 months. That was unheard of in the Army at that time. After I was discharged with an honorable discharge in 1967, I went back to school. I attended alot of schools because I wanted to be somebody, and I wanted to someday become financially independent and rich. I became an avid reader of business books and how-to-books because I had heard that with a formal education you could earn a living, but with a self taught education, you could earn a fortune.

After buying all of these books I learned to start and build a lot of businesses. Some of these businesses I started with a few hundred dollars and sometime less, and I made some money in each business, but I never made enough to pay all of my bills and become financially indepedent.

So I kept on reading, learning, and going to school to advance myself.

Some of the businesses I started are as follows: 1) Barber shop, 2) Exterminating, 3) Janitorial, 4) Moving and hauling, 5) Rubbish removal, 6) Real estate sales and 7) Maid Service

However starting the maid service is where I failed in business the most. Let me explain: At this same time Hollywood made the 1st Godfather movie about drug selling. A lot of drugs were put in our community because of this movie. A lot of men and women started using drugs. So I was hiring teams of ladies to go into people’s houses to clean them. The money started coming in at first but these ladies were on these drugs and they were stealing jewlery and valuable things from these houses to buy more drugs. So the owners started suing me, and all of my profit went out the window. So after paying lawyers for a while I knew that the drugs were here to stay, and my profitts were going to continue going out the window, so I closed down this business and started reading some more to learn how to start another business.

Fast forward a few more years and I heard that you could make money online without having to hire people.

So I started looking on the internet for a company to get started with, however that became a nightmare. Everybody was saying come over hear join my program. Pay my fee and I’ll make you rich but that did not happen after I spent a few thousand dollars.

Well sadly I purchased a program concerning real estate, but I did not make any money after spending about $30,000 in books, tapes, CDs, seminars etc. That was a heartbreaking experience because again I made no money. I began to read and study other books because I was still interested in making money online because I did not have to hire people to make money.

I found two companies that said they were making a lot of money on the internet but their fess were too high. So I started reading and looking for someone that had a low fee and was teaching affiliate marketing in a simple format that was very inexpensive.

On Facebook community I saw a video from a man named Dean Holland. After checking into him further I discovered he really wanted to help people become successful in affiliate marketing. So I joined Dean Holland’s company, and started learning about affiliate marketing.

With Dean Holland’s coaching and mentorship I am finally on the right track. Failure has taught me many lessons about success and failure. In doing so you can learn from my mistakes and successes so that hopefully you don’t have to experience as many failures as I did.

So be sure to visit my blog often as I’ll be updating it pretty much every week at least once a week. I have heard of thousands of people making a lot of money online. Mr. Dean Holland said to follow him and I’ll be able to do the same thing.

My big why is to buy me a winter home in Florida, buy the latest Mercedes Benz that cost over $150,000 and be able to go fishing everyday without worrying about money.

My intention is to grow my business and share with others my success so they can follow what I am doing and start being successful as well.

So please visit my blog as often as you can because I will be sharing my success moving forwards. You’ll be able to follow me as I succeed. I used to view failure as a bad thing, but what I’ve learned is that failure is a good lesson to learn and benefit from.

There are many products to sell on the internet without hiring other people, and you can become rich by doing most of the work yourself without employees.

I want to help thousands of people learn how to make money online as Mr. Dean Holland is teaching me and my assistant.

By visiting my blog often and following me you will become successful also as an affiliate marketer.

Leave me comments each time you visit my blog and let me know how you are progressing.